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Nina Mučibabić, Our Representative at EuroSTAR

Nina Mučibabić is a student of Computer Science and Engineering at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). In addition to her studies at the university, this hardworking student started initiative “Sarajevo QA Crew”, and works freelance as a junior software QA specialist.

The reason for the interview was Nina's first place at the European “TeamSTAR” competition, whose main prize was free participation in the “EuroSTAR”, the largest software testing conference, which will be held from November 12 to 15 in Hague, Netherlands,.

IUS: Can you tell us more about the TeamSTAR competition in which you won the first prize, what kind of competition is that?

The TeamSTAR Competition is organized by EuroSTAR, the largest European Software Testing Conference, which will have its 26th edition this year.

The task was to organize local educational event which is related to software QA, that is, to ensure software quality. The event was very successful, very visited, and finally a reward arrived.

It is nice to know that the leading European QA software experts acknowledged the quality of the event, which was actually initiated by a student from a small country of BiH. QA event "Let's test together" was declared the best of all other local educational events throughout Europe.

IUS: Could you describe what did QA event i "Let's test together" look like?

At the event, we had 4 presentations and 6 speakers from the companies Softhouse Balkans, Comtrade, TONI Digital Insurance AG and Ministry of Programming. The emphasis was on software testing life cycle, but it was also on software development life cycle, because essentially the first one cannot go without the other. The event was very interactive and was attended by over 70 QA professionals and enthusiasts from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company Softhouse Balkans has given me the maximum support that I am extremely grateful for. I worked hard and I did my best to organize quality educational events, in the end, I really paid my hard work.

IUS: As the winner of TeamSTAR you got to participate in prestigious EuroSTAR conference on November 15th. Why is this event important to you and what are your expectations?

First of all, I am honored to be the only representative of IUS and our BiH at this important event.

I am very happy that I will soon be in the heart of the testing community. I cannot wait to hear everything about novelties in the field and to put that knowledge to practice when I take part in the conference workshops. The fact that this conference is visited by around 1000 people every year is fascinating to me, so as a matter of fact, I am looking forward the most to the new acquaintances, especially to getting to know and socializing with eminent experts in the field of testing and software quality assurance.

IUS: In the breaks between the classes you have found time for starting other initiatives.

My daily life is made of a range of activities and I always try to execute all my ideas.

A few months ago, I noticed that in our environment we still do not have the proper software QA community, although the profession of the QA engineer is popular and there is demand for it (even when it comes to QA juniors). QA events are needed so that young people can get additional training, motivation and support. This will be made possible by the initiative I have launched: Sarajevo QA Crew. We have already organized a very successful autumn event, and the next, winter QA event is also planned.

Also, for 9 years I have had my own brand of jewelry called ni_nakit and it is also one of the things that make me very happy.