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Coordinator's Message

Computer Sciences and Engineering
Computer Sciences and Engineering

Dear students,


We would like to welcome you to our Computer Sciences and Engineering (CSE) program.


Our aim is to equip our students with the highest level of knowledge in computer systems and programming and prepare them for today’s competitive market. During the CSE study program, you will gain strong theoretical knowledge on hardware and software aspects of computing and mathematics combined with the more practical problem-solving and graphic design skills.

Program Coordinator
Program Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Khaldoun Al Khalidi

What is waiting for you in the CSE study program:

  • We constantly update the courses we offer monitoring the latest trends around the world and incorporating them into the syllabus. In addition to core courses, we offer a wide range of elective courses that help you to tailor your study according to your interests and the career path you have in mind;
  • Most courses in our curriculum have a project component that helps you to apply and practice what you have learned from the lectures;
  • You can get a minor degree in other programs at IUS in addition to your major CSE degree;
  • Internship is a great opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the working environment and how your chosen field operates in the workplace;
  • In addition to your technical courses, you will take courses such as Project Management, Ethics and Communication Skills, which are essential for a successful career.

As the CSE Program Coordinator, my humble advice for you would be:

  • Be active: Not only in your classes but also in extracurricular activities. Join student clubs, student parliament, go on an exchange, join competitions, attend workshops, events and seminars;
  • Use the resources you are offered: Spend more time in library, computer labs, and explore Research and Development Center;
  • Be curious, ask for more: Always look for opportunities for self-improvement. Follow the industry events, articles, local activities. Join the communities on CSE field to catch up with the latest developments and to create a good network;
  • Most importantly enjoy you time with us and take full advantage of everything we have to offer!


We wish you all a successful academic life and unforgettable memories at IUS.


Associate Professor Dr. Khaldoun Al Khalidi 

Computer Sciences and Engineering Program Coordinator



Computer Sciences and Engineering
Computer Sciences and Engineering

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Computer Sciences and Engineering

“Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn.”

Steve Jobs