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”Networking is an important part of a student’s life.” - Nina Mučibabić, IUS Alumni Success Story

Nina Mučibabić is a successful IUS alumnus who got her BA in Computer Sciences and Engineering at IUS. She considers herself a person of several passions: computer science, music, jewelry design and event management. Her current job is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer in the Ministry of Programming.


Read her story below!

My plan was to go abroad to study and I wanted to study in a foreign language, English or German in order to become more proficient in that language. However, IUS offered me 50% scholarship which I accepted and decided to study Computer Sciences and Engineering because I was highly interested in the field and wanted to explore it more, so my university journey started at IUS because I realized that I got an opportunity to study in an international environment, where I can practice foreign languages and dive into the Computer Science field with the support of both local and international professors. I appreciate when people and places are diverse because I think that it is indeed an asset. IUS definitely helped me achieve my goals. During my study at IUS, I had a chance to go to few conferences outside Bosnia and Herzegovina, which helped me enormously in my career, but primarily it helped me improve my critical thinking, realize what exactly I want to do in my career and how to make my dreams come true. For example, I won 1st place in a competition called TeamSTAR organized by EuroSTAR, which is the biggest and oldest software testing conference in Europe. During the university years, I founded an initiative called Sarajevo QA Crew that organizes software QA meetups with an aim of mutual learning and networking. The first such meetup was awarded with the mentioned 1st prize which was tickets to this prominent EuroSTAR conference for my team members and myself. IUS supported me and covered the travel expenses which means that IUS really values the fact that I, as a student, should go to such an amazing conference and learn more and beyond the university curriculum in order to grow as a person and future young professional. Our professors were real professionals who were always willing to offer more information about their lectures and they were at students’ disposal whenever needed.

Also, I would advise students to take part in the Erasmus programs, because this kind of experience has helped me broaden my horizons, understand people more, become kinder and more compassionate, which made me a better person because I experienced new environments, challenges, emotions, people, and eventually made new friendships.

All in all, my university memories are bright and I am happy because I am an IUS Alumni.

Today I am a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Ministry of Programming and I really like what I do. I work on Beatport product which is the world's largest electronic music platform. Besides that, I am a DJ, a jewelry designer and also a founder of the initiative called Sarajevo QA Crew. In general, I am a person who does not have only one interest or only one passion, I have a lot of interests. It is best to say that I have several passions, and in my case, these are computer science, music, jewelry design and event management. Years ago, during my first and second year of studying, I was not sure which professional path I should follow, so I needed to explore the possibilities outside the university. That means that I went to a lot of IT seminars, meetups, conferences on a monthly bases and that helped me meet people who already work in IT companies where I wanted to work. I realized that networking is an important part of a student’s life and it helped me get my first internship. After the first internship experience at the Softhouse company, I also got a chance to work at WeOwn and then at Ministry of Programming. I am really thankful for these experiences and happy because these companies gave me an opportunity to grow with them.

I always wanted to be an independent young woman and during the whole university period I had freelance jobs. I had more than enough financial support from my family, but I am an entrepreneur and visionary who wants different experiences, so I wanted to combine working and studying. It was very challenging, but I made it. Actually, the grit to be independent as soon as possible is what kept me going further, for example, when I failed an exam, when I experienced a burnout, when I had conflicts with people and myself, too. But I did not give up, I did my best and I was brave, so that is why I think that persistence is so important. 

In my opinion, the most important things while being a student are to be persistent and dedicated and not give up during bad days.