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Mirza Plakalo Paves His Way to Success

Mirza Plakalo Paves His Way to Success

Mirza Plakalo (29) is an IUS graduate from the field of Computer Science and Engineering (Class 2012). Currently, he holds a position of Quality Assurance Engineer in one of the most successful IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and, as he claims, aspires to acquire and enhance his knowledge and experience in the very same area.

In the interview we had with this young professional, we found out that the IUS taught him the most important strategic step in building his career and life, which is positioning oneself in a place where one can perform their best. The awareness of that important step, as he said, was that he went through a rich study program with lots of practical work. That and the fact that all courses are given in English, helps one find the field in which they can perform their maximum. He added that this is what differentiates IUS graduates in accelerating their way up in the organizational hierarchy.

Mirza shared some experiences from his IUS days and highlighted that his student needs were always met, adding that the IUS community is also responsive to students’ needs and interests. That helps students develop and grow in their fields and their interests.

He said: IUS cherishes the kind of communication among students and professors which is highly praiseworthy”.

He shared interesting stories about how he used his team spirit to befriend many colleagues thirsty for knowledge. As he said, learning and studying in groups is huge enjoyment, especially when all members are proud of each other’s successes and achievements. As the advice for future students of IUS, he said that “study, study, study” strategy is the best, because one source of learning is never enough. Mentioning that knowledge is the only weapon that can make this world a better place he said: “Strive to achieve a virtue of deeds”!

Mirza is a sports person and remembers how he and his colleagues used sports fields and courts in their free time and breaks between the lectures, for clearing their minds before the new tasks. He claims that he is a lucky person for having studied at the IUS, and we hope his luck will continue to follow him.

To conclude, Mirza said that all students should be grateful and proud for everything that IUS does for them, starting from great and sophisticated campus all the way to rich study programs, and the opportunities that they offer.