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IUS AWS Cloud Club: A Session with Renowned AWS Expert Stephen Howell

The IUS AWS Cloud Club at IUS proudly hosted the "Cloud Insights: AWS Speaker Series" event on Wednesday, October 18, 2023. The event featured renowned AWS expert, Mr. Stephen Howell, a distinguished member of the AWS Academic Advocacy Team, alongside the AWS Cloud Club President and Certified Solutions Architect, Mr. Hamza Sušić.

The event provided a detailed insight into cloud computing, AWS services, and the latest industry trends. Renowned AWS authority, Mr. Stephen Howell, impressed the audience with his expertise, sharing real-world applications of AWS services. Mr. Hamza Sušić provided a comprehensive overview of various AWS services and their significance in the contemporary tech landscape. The event aimed to fuel innovation, facilitate learning, and open doors to promising career prospects in the dynamic realm of cloud technology.

The occasion also facilitated an interactive Q&A session, allowing the participants direct engagement with Mr. Howell. Furthermore, the attendees seized the opportunity to broaden their professional horizons by networking with fellow AWS enthusiasts.

The IUS AWS Cloud Club is dedicated to providing more educational opportunities, networking events, and platforms for knowledge-sharing as well as workshops, and collaborative initiatives in the ever-changing cloud computing domain. To stay updated on the AWS Cloud Club at IUS and upcoming events, workshops, and collaborative initiatives, please visit our website or get in touch via email at