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Cooperation Between MIBO Komunikacije and IUS: OpenLab 2023 Successfully Completed

The recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and MIBO Komunikacije Sarajevo has led to the successful implementation of the second edition of the OpenLab program this summer. The program, which began on July 31st and lasted for three weeks, involved six IUS participants, including graduates and current students. They explored key ICT topics such as networking, network security, cybersecurity, data center infrastructure, enterprise networks, network/system monitoring, and cloud services.

This year’s guest lecturer was Assistant Professor Dr. Amal Mersni, from the Computer Sciences and Engineering study program, who held lectures for the Networking and Network/Cyber Security track from August 1 to August 4. Dr. Mersni collaborated closely with MIBO's engineer, Ms. Emina Brkanić, to deliver lectures and exercises, providing a balanced approach to theoretical and practical learning. This collaboration created a unique opportunity to combine academic insights with practical engineering expertise, enhancing the overall learning experience for the participants. In addition, an engaging and practical learning environment aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. OpenLab 2023 also took a positive step by awarding a scholarship to an IUS student, further demonstrating the commitment to supporting educational initiatives.

The ongoing collaboration between IUS and MIBO Komunikacije Sarajevo has proven successful, with several participating IUS students receiving scholarships and internships at MIBO during the previous edition of the program. Their impressive performance has led to these students becoming full-time employees at MIBO, highlighting the program's effectiveness in nurturing talent and fostering cooperation between academia and industry.